Dry Rot  in Pen Mill

Dry Rot in Pen Mill

It only takes a small amount of moisture to make wood start rotting which can be difficult to prevent and repair.

Wood Rotting in Pen Mill

Wood Rotting in Pen Mill

Each treatment we offer for dry rot can differ depending on a number of factors as not every case is the same.

Treatment for Dry Rot in Pen Mill

Treatment for Dry Rot in Pen Mill

To fully resolve the issue you will need to replace any old rotten wood and find the problem that caused the original rot.

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Dry Rot in Pen Mill

Dry rot in Pen Mill BA21 4 is a common issue from many homes. This is because it takes a small amount of moisture to make the wood start rotting. When it has started, it can be hard to find the causes of it. We have dealt with many individuals who noticed their wood rotting, so they just replaced it. Unfortunately, it does not work like that. The previous wood has rotted because moisture has gotten to it and this will then most likely happen to the new wood too. To fix the problem, you need to look where the water and dampness is coming from and solve that and then replace the rotted wood with new.

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What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is the name given to a wooden area which has become decayed and rotten with a brown colour. It is caused from the fungi Serpula Lacrymans and when it is normally found, the cause could be confusing as to how it has rotted because the dampness and moisture can be difficult to find.

How to Treat Dry Rot

If you are wondering how to treat dry rot, then you have come to the right place, you might have searched rotting wood treatment nearby or fix wood rot near me and you have found us. Each treatment is different because the cause it different for each project that we have carried out.

Rotting Wood Treatment in Pen Mill

For rotting wood treatment in surrounding areas it's recommended that you get a team of local specialists to come and fix the cause. This is because they will have the experience and knowledge of how to deal with the issue.

There are companies in the industry who might claim that they know what to do but they could fix some of the issues and leave the other parts. This then makes the whole project more costly because you will then need to get another company back out to fix the full problem.

When you get dry wood rot in Pen Mill BA21 4 in your home or property, we recommend you do your background research to make sure that you are going to use a company who has the experience and are specialists.

Dry Rotting Wood near me

To fully solve the problem with dry rotting wood, the area which is damp needs to be fixed and then you can replace the old rotten wood and be sure that you have fixed the main issue which caused it to rot in the first place.

It is a common problem we deal with along with rising dampness http://www.damp-proofing-experts.co.uk/rising-damp/somerset/pen-mill/ so do not worry as this is what we specialise in and we will be sure to help you and get your home or building back to how it should be.

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Fix Wood Rot nearby

Some people must find the closest company to fix wood rot, might search for dry wood treatment in Pen Mill BA21 4 and if they find us, they are on the right track for getting this problem fixed.

It can be costly for some people because they might just think that the wooden area has rotted over time and do not realise that it's most likely because moisture has gotten to the wooden area. They then might just replace the wood or paint over it and this can cost them money which will be wasted because the problem will keep getting worse and worse.

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